Cat® 16M
Motor Grader

1:48 precision scale, die-cast model

Our model of the 16M Motor Grader captures the superb engineering of the actual machine in high detail. The moldboard, circle and hydraulic systems are all able to be displayed in a realistic position. Front steering tilts to the side so that the model looks ready to grade miles of smooth roadway at the proper angle. [See more...]

Cat® 385C
Front Shovel

1:48 precision scale, die-cast model

CCM's model of the 385C Front Shovel does justice to this powerful machine with finely rendered details such as opening operator's cab and engine compartment doors, functioning cylinders with guards, and individually-linked metal tracks. Paint and markings are approved by the manufacturer for accuracy. [See more...]

Cat® 769B
Haul Truck

1:48 precision scale, die-cast model

With its high horsepower-to-weight ratio the 769B is a performer. This durable truck hauls up to 35 tons in its V-bottom dump body at near highway speeds. As with all our models, our goal was to capture as much detail as possible to accurately reflect the real machine. For example, lifting the dump bed exposes details such as the three-stage lift cylinders and a view of the accurately modeled drivetrain, air and hydraulic tanks. [See more...]

Cat® 5230
Front Shovel

1:87 precision scale, brass model

The largest hydraulic excavator created by Caterpillar, the 5230, proved to be a mining workhorse. CCM has recreated this mighty machine at 1:87 scale. Our limited edition model is constructed completely of high-detailed brass, and is a true museum-quality work of art. [See more...]

Current Models

Holt 75 Tractor & 8-Inch Howitzer
in 1:24 scale brass

Honoring the original machine and howitzer combination, each of these model sets is hand-assembled from hundreds of pieces and hand painted in period military colors. All the features of the real Holt 75 tractor have been replicated in exquisite detail, from control levers to engine bolts. [Read more]

In Development

Cat® 6020B Hydraulic Shovel
in 1:48 scale die-cast

This is Classic Construction Model's largest 1:48 scale excavator to date, and we've packed it with all the features and detail our models are known for. With a full engine module and opening access doors. The hydraulic system has been replicated along with all of the complex lines and connections, a detailed the rock bucket, and more. [Read more]

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